About Me

Hello, I am Andrea, a game designer specialised in content and level design, mentoring, and scripting. I have been working in the game industry for companies like Rockstar Games and small indie studios as a freelancer and consultant.

Life is my biggest source of inspiration. The rich amount of details of any activities and phenomena always gives me great ideas and ways to solve design problems.

Whenever I design, I put particular attention to the player’s learning experience. As a designer, I always focus on creating fair challenges and exciting moments. In this way, players can gradually expand their repertoire of skills and knowledge while building memorable experiences.

Another important aspect for me is being able to analyse and precisely discuss games. Language and communication are powerful tools in this field. Indeed, by using a clear and consistent linguistic framework, I refined my understanding of game design for the ultimate purpose of creating better games.

I also value the social and cultural aspects of video games. For this reason, I try to put in games something special for the audience: an in-depth view of important themes, a journey into mythology and folklore, and a chance to reflect and improve. The only boundaries are the respect for the product and the players.

Finally, I am a core member of the Design Oriented discord community, a learning environment focusing on game design and related skills. I also am one of the hosts and mentors of an Italian stream on Twitch, called Behind Games, where we analyse and discuss the design of videogames.  

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