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I am an Italian game designer and game design consultant based in Edinburgh (Scotland) with a speciality in game, level, and narrative design. I work in the gaming industry and as a freelancer and consultant for indie developers and studios. The full range of my services and expertise includes (but not limited to):

  • Brainstorm and research sessions
  • Tailored design requests (e.g. design a level, systems, or mechanics)
  • Open advising and consultancy via booked appointments (chat/voice call)
  • Content review (game design, level design, and narrative design)
  • Feedback to improve your game according to your deadlines
  • Helping to structure the overall design processes and workflow
  • Team management
  • Clear and effective design documentation and tools (e.g. Trello, Google Workspace, Notion, etc.)
  • Teaching & training
  • Defining a cohesive game direction with you in line with the market
  • Provide you with a list of assignments to improve your game and knowledge
  • Evaluation services with feedback about the project strengths and weaknesses and how to improve

I am pretty flexible in the way I provide help and support to best suits your needs. Contact me for an estimate of the rates for your individual case.

  • Scheduled text-chats or voice-calls for consultancy, feedback and evaluation of your work, brainstorming sessions, and similar. This can be done either in 30 minutes or 1-hour sessions. If I need to prepare for the call (e.g. Research) that time will be added as extra and evaluated at the same rate
  • Independent work involving the production of documentation, articles, spreadsheets, written analysis and evaluation, levels inside a level editor or engine, rapid prototyping, and similar work. Contact me for further information.
  • Live support via chat (Discord/Slack), Notion wikis, and Google Docs, Presentation, and Sheets.
  • I record the work and timings in production tools like Toggl and Asana, so you can keep track of the work I do (I can set it up for the team as well).


Chirag Chopra
Game Designer • Producer • 40u40
Lucid Labs

Andrea lent his game/level design skills for our upcoming puzzle project, and let me start this by saying that he did a phenomenal job. Right from the beginning, he quickly grasped the core mechanics and the nuisances around it to deliver some high-quality and witty levels. Even though his primary duties involved designing levels, he wasn’t shy of sharing his inputs on game design whenever he sensed a flaw, and the team welcomed his inputs on improving the game. I can’t recommend Andrea enough and wish him good luck for all his future endeavours. We are surely going to collaborate with him again for future projects.

Keith Atherton
Full-stack Senior Software Engineer

Andrea and I have worked together on several game development projects, including the Global Game Jam. Working with Andrea was a pleasure, as he is intelligent, full of great ideas, and a complete professional. I’ve always been impressed with his deep understanding of game design and development, which he continuously develops. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone, and would enjoy working with him again in future.

Michaela Pelican | Merics
Andrew Kerr
Animation Artist Freelance

Andrea provided his game/level design skills to an ongoing project. He is fantastic to work with, very professional and he can take criticism. He has a broad set of skills that don’t commonly overlap amongst developers (software engineering/game design) however for the job do overlap which is invaluable. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone who wants to ‘get serious’ about game design.

Indie Game Developer

Andrea has applied his game design experiences in the project I’m currently developing: Stranded Eternity. He has a critical eye for the big picture and scope of the project, yet also recognizes the small details that help a project stand out from the rest of the crowd. In addition to his design experience, he possesses a rare trait that is often overlooked, which is the ability to state clearly that something isn’t recommended for the project in the long-term rather simply appeasing the client in the short-term. I recommend Andrea as a game designer.

If you want to work with me or you need a service that is not listed above please get in contact with me by sending an email at 

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